Hope everyone had a nice 3-day weekend!

We left right after church yesterday to go to PA to visit my parents and grandparents.  My grandmother just had knee replacement surgery, so it was good to check in on her.  Thankfully she is doing well.  It was a nice quick trip up and back.

We’re enjoying a relaxing Monday evening…getting ready for another installment of 24 in about an hour.

Sunday was a great day at LCC.  It was great to meet some new guests and see some 2nd time guests returning.  The music was great and I was able to execute my 10 commandment message according to plan.  It was fun to use the 3 minute countdown clock for each point…although I don’t see me doing it again anytime soon.

I’m excited that we already have 4 registered for baptism this comign Sunday.  I’m expecting that we may have a few more.

I also have to give Sherry Feehs and our women’s ministry props for their work and promotion for their upcoming retreat.  Great job…it sound like it’s going to be a great getaway for our ladies.

Ed Rotchford is now helping me out big time as our Administrator.   He is helping to oversee a bunch of ministries that were reporting directly to me.  I can feel some of the load being lifted.  This is a necessary step in our growth.  It was great to see Ed in action yesterday.

Keep praying for RELOCATION.  We need for God to do 2 things for us: open up a suitable location & provide the needed resources.  We believe it’s going to happen.  PRAY HARD!