Another great weekend at LCC…

  • Great crowd…slightly less than last week…I’m guessing Daylight Savings Time may have played a part in it…but still a very good crowd
  • Pepsi-Coke Challenge was a hit…Congrats to Randy and Kevin for being sodaholics!
  • Band was great today…great to have David as our guest drummer today.
  • Highlight of the day was seeing 5 people accept Jesus as Savior at the end of the service!
  • The women’s retreat was also a great success on Friday & Saturday.  I heard nothing but awesome reports from the ladies.  Great job Sherry and her team!
  • I’m feeling like I missed an hour of sleep last night…tried to go to bed a little early to make up for time change, but the body clock is telling me otherwise.
  • Had a new development in our “running out of space in the cafteria” issue.  A good development at the school that I will be discussing in our leadership meeting on Wednesday.  Stay tuned for details.