Great day today at LCC…

  • 2 more sign-ups for youth camp…Donald has about 35-37 going now to Student Life Camp in July!  2 new adults volunteered as well.  Awesome!
  • More registrations for the next Basics of Life Class on April 19th…it’s filling up nicely!
  • 4-5 already registered to be baptize in 2 weeks…can’t wait!
  • Communion was great today.  I preached from Matthew 26 on The Last Supper.  The whole service centered around that last passover meal that Jesus had with his disciples.  Combined with the great music it was a great time of reflection and celebration of God’s incredible love for us.
  • Funny how it was one of those days where we had a few hiccups in the service.  We had a mic malfunction, wrongs words sung on one song, 2 missed cues (1 by me) and a few other miscelleneous things…stuff that bothered me at first…but a few people told me afterwards that they didn’t really notice.  We work hard to avoid those things, but sometimes they just happen.  The cool thing is that is not what people remember…people remember the meaningful worship, the sweet fellowship and the message from the Word.  (That doesn’t mean we can get sloppy…just means when stuff happens, we just have to learn from it and let it go.)
  • Attendance was off today…I knew it would be because so many family left town for Spring Break.  Several told me they were travelling on the front end of the break to make sure they are back for the big day on Easter.  Even though it was our lowest day in a couple of months…it made me thankful for a few things…3-4 months ago we would have considered this a high day and it was about 50 more than the week before Easter in 2008.  Pretty cool!
  • Can’t wait to see what happens next week.  It’s really hard to predict.  We are having 2 services: 9:30 and 10:45.  I expect more at the latter and hope that many of our regulars will choose 9:30.  Our website hits have been up because of the advertising…anxious to see who visits us because of it.

Other Misc…

  • Loving this awesome weather!
  • Glad the kids get a week off of school…all 3 of my school age kids have gotten straight A’s for the 3rd quarter…lots of hard work…they deserve the break…as do the teachers!
  • Anxious to begin writing my Easter message tomorrow morning…know the direction I’m going with it…
  • In our family March Madness challenge, Lexi picked UNC to beat Michigan St in final…how did she do it?
  • MLB kicks off tomorrow.  I remain an O’s fan…let’s start off right and beat the Yanks tomorrow!