Great weekend!  God is good!

  • Great service yesterday at LCC.  Nice attendance comeback from the week before!
  • Josh & band did a great job leading us…introducing a new song while bringing back an old classic…nice mix.
  • Took a peek in the auditorium…renovations are moving along…it’s going to be sweet to move back in there (although even sweeter will be getting our own place!)
  • First time guests yesterday from Stafford…good to draw more from the South!  They said they felt like they had finally found their home church.
  • Looking forward to the Mother’s Day service next week and the 6 Baby Dedications!
  • Speaking of mothers…we went up and back to Pennsylvania on Saturday to celebrate my mom’s 60th Birthday…it was great to visit with family.  I can’t believe she is 60…she’s a young 60!
  • My wife had a long day…but I’m so proud of her and her commitment to the ministry.  Sherri directed the Children’s Ministry all morning, then went from church to the Mother’s Brunch where she shared a message she had prepared for the ladies.  I think she got in making dinner and some laundry last night as well 🙂  I am blessed!
  • Surgeries, Illness, Etc.  It seems like we are in a phase right now of having lots of hurting people or those with close family members hurting.  Too many to list.  Please pray for those in a church body… Here’s a few to prayer for (without the names):
    • pregnant mom getting put on bedrest
    • a father just diagnosed with lymphoma and starting chemo this week
    • a mom suddenly ill and just passing away
    • a hernia surgery
    • a live-in elderly mom getting progressively worse
    • 2 knee surgeries
    • a back surgery with an infection
    • a family relationship in crisis
    • a major career decision involving a move required to be made this week
  • This week will be a busy one for me…it’s the last week of my seminary semester.  I have 3 papers yet to write and 2 final exams…plus the normal church work of the week…plus a few kids ball games.  A few rainouts won’t be such a bad thing!