We had an awesome Summer Sunday…

  • what an incredible crowd for the middle of the summer!
  • several first time guests
  • Josh and band were great
  • had to say goodbye to 2 families – the Cerdas and Burgess’ – we’ll miss you greatly!
  • great time of fellowship after the service with the Milwaukee Frozen Custard
  • only downside was the A/C being out in the cafeteria…sorry about that…we have no control when the school has this kind of malfunction…I know it was rough on everyone…thanks for enduring!

Our students are having a great week at Student Life Summer Camp in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Donald took a total of 31 this year and they are part of a camp with over 2,000 held on the campus of Liberty University.  Great music and great speakers…be praying that God does a great work in their lives.

We’re looking forward to a fun weekend with Zac playing and me managing the team at the Seniors State Tournament in Pound, VA.  We’re competing with 11 other teams from around the state.  Should be lots of fun!

Pray for Donald Buttram, our youth pastor, as he leads the students this week and then as he shares the message at LCC this coming Sunday – don’t miss it as he continues our “Prayer for Dummies” series.