I took a little blogging break while out of town for my son’s All-Star Tournament.  It is great to be back and we had a great day yesterday at Life Community Church!  After a Sunday away, I am always anxious to see my church family.

  • Mick did a great job stepping up and  leading worship for the first time in Josh’s absence.  It’s great to have people that are willing to use their talents and gifts for God’s glory.
  • In spite of the vacations, it was still a good healthy crowd of people yesterday.
  • 2 people prayed to accept Christ and begin a personal relationship with him at the end of the service!
  • We had a great smoothie fellowship after the service…still debating which was more popular – the Strawberry-Banana or Strawberry-Lemonade.  Thanks to the youth and adults who served as smoothie makers!
  • Momentum is building for our new Kids Church program which begins in September.  Sherri held a meeting with workers yesterday…it’s exciting to see people not previously serving, who are stepping up to be involved in this new program for K-5th graders.  We have a great curriculum/program called 252 Basics which was created by Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta.  Our kids are in for a great time!
  • Our youth group had a great crowd last night for youth group…30…plus still several on vacation…so Donald is pressing me to find him a bigger space on Sunday nights than our church office meeting room…which really has a max of 20.  I need ideas…and I need them quick!
  • I’m getting LOTS of positive feedback on this current message series on PRAYER.  It’s obviously an area that we all need to grow in in our lives.  Thanks to Donald for speaking last Sunday for me…I heard great feedback about his message!

Thanks for your prayers for those who were following our all-star team which won the district tournament and then went on to states.  We had a very exciting run at states.  Very dramatic games and we ended up 3rd in the state out of 11 teams…something to be very proud of.  Last Sunday, I had a great opportunity to call an optional chapel service for our team and their families.  Everyone showed up.  I was able to preach the story of David and Goliath in a perfect setting – the valley between 2 mountains…which was pretty cool if you know the story.  I received a great response and encouraging feedback.  I was very grateful for the opportunity.

I’m looking forward to this coming Sunday…hope to see you there!