My Monday morning post usually is recapping Sunday at LCC.  We did have a great day yesterday at church.  A great new family worshipped with us, great music, atmosphere, fellowship.  I was especially impressed with the dedication of our servants.  I noticed so many who were fighting sickness, but still showed up to fulfill their jobs…I really appreciate the effort.  I also notice the families that rush in at the last minute with kids in soccer uniforms and then have to rush out…but they make the effort to make it to worship!  I love to see the dedication!

Last night while celebrating my daughter Lexi’s 9th birthday, we got a phone call the my grandmother who was in the hospital with pneumonia had taken a turn for the worse.  My parents left immediately and made the 2 hour drive home straight to the hospital to have some moments with her.  She passed away this morning (Monday) at 10:35 am.

My dad’s mom was 98 years old!  She was born in 1911.  Kind of hard to imagine living that long.  She lived a good life.  She was a hard worker and faithful servant of the Lord in her church.  She and my grandfather were married more than 60 years before he died about 7 years ago.  She taught kindergarten Sunday school in her church for 65 years…can you imagine that?  She started when she was a teenager.  I remember how much she loved to play cards and dice games…I remember many night at their kitchen table playing games…lots of great memories.

I’m thankful that we were able to see her on Labor Day…just a few weeks ago. (picture below)  We had a nice conversation.  She would always ask me “are you still a preacher?”  I would say “yes, mommaw I’m still a preacher”  She will be missed, but we are all glad that she is no longer struggling, but in the presence of Jesus.  I look forwarded to participating in her funeral service later this week.  Thanks for your prayers for the family.  Everyone knows the Lord and has great peace at this time.

pic with mommaw