It’s hard to believe we are getting hit on a Sunday twice in one winter, but we have to cancel tomorrow’s services due to the weather.  We are at the mercy of Prince William County Schools since we rent their building.  All PWCS are officially closed for all activities tomorrow.

This is one of those storms where if we had our own building, we most likely could plow our lot and have our guys up there clearing sidewalks!  Oh well…God is in complete control, so nothing we can do but enjoy the time with family and stay safe.  As cold as it’s going to be tonight, the roads are still going to be tough to travel in the morning.

Get out your Bible and do some family devotion time.

If you don’t have a personal Bible reading plan, check out  This is a free service that offers more than 20 Bible reading plans in a multitude of versions.  It’s also available as a free app for many phones.  Check it out!