A few random thoughts on this rainy Monday morning…

  • It’s 6:45 am and already on my laptop…with family on Spring Break, I was hoping to sleep a little later today, but the body clock woke me and then the brain started going….oh well…lots to do.
  • It was a full, busy Sunday, but a good one.
  • Church went well in the morning – so many families went out of town for the beginning of Spring Break…I was wondering who would be left :), but the crowd was actually better than I expected!
  • Thanks for all who helped put the Communion service together and served.
  • Thanks to Danielle for her new ministry of helping Sherri and I with Nic each week after the services during tear-down.  Our older kids appreciate the break from chasing their little brother around 🙂
  • ONE WEEK TIL EASTER!  Looking forward to great things.  Easter is always a great day at church…can’t wait to see who God brings our way and how He moves in our service.
  • Great to see new families coming back and connecting.  Awesome to see new people becoming regular givers  as well!
  • Our men’s basketball team won on Saturday by 3 or 4 points and we play in the semifinal on Saturday, the 10th at 10:30 am at Christ Chapel.
  • Speaking of basketball, the Final 4 is set…did anyone pick these 4?  I’m hoping for a WV vs. Butler final now…glad to see some new teams there.  Some kid named Zac Markle won the LCC March Madness brackets.  His dad ended up in 17th place.
  • Yesterday afternoon, I was able to  get out on the field with Zac and some players on our rec league team and do some batting practice….really looking forward to managing the  team again and getting the season going with our first official practice this week.
  • Awesome time hanging out with amazing friends from church last night…God has given us some great friends over the course of these 8 years of LCC!
  • OK…I think I’m ready for my 2nd cup of coffee this morning…