Thursdays are the big wrap-up the week days here at the office.  We try to take Fridays off (from being at the office) because Sundays are considered workdays for church staff…and of course we end up doing some work from home on Fridays and Saturdays for sure…but at least we always try to wrap things up at the office by the close of the day on Thursdays.  It always feels like a race with the checklist of all that has to happen so we don’t have to come in on Friday…

  • the review and printing of the bulletins and then the folding
  • the printing and cutting and stuffing of the communication cards
  • the worship service time line finalizing and review – the timing of the songs, welcome, video, message, etc – editing, review, emailing & printing of timelines
  • sermon notes are usually done by end of Wednesday, so on Thursday all projection slides can be reviewed for flow and accuracy
  • Josh has to put together the entire service script for projection
  • Sending out the weekly e-newsletter
  • picking up the church mail at the PO Box
  • emailing reminders to the key people for Sunday who involved in the service and other areas
  • General office clean-up

Our amazing new printer/copier sure does help…saves a lot of time and headache!

Personally, I’m a TO DO list person, so I enjoy the challenge of knocking off the Thursday list…1 by 1.