Here’s my Monday rundown…

  • Awesome day at LCC yesterday.  Good crowd.  The worship was excellent…band introduced us to a new song that was a big hit.  The band is sounded great with the new additions…the stage is full!
  • A lot of people commented how much they enjoyed the message that I shared about spiritual gifts.  Surveys say the only 87% of Christians are aware of their spiritual gifts.  We need to discover them and use them for God’s glory.  Click here for the resource I shared in the message – it’s a quick and free analysis that can help you figured out how God has gifted you with certain spiritual gifts.
  • Our new “Beyond High School” study kicked off Sunday afternoon.  This Bible study is for rising high school seniors and those entering or in their first few years of college.  It was great to have 10 students at the first study.  Next one is next Sunday after church at the church office…not too late to join.
  • Looking forward to our July 4th outdoor service and cookout.  Plan to start your celebration with worship outdoors with your family and friends!  The church is providing the food.
  • I’m doing something new tomorrow…I’m speaking at my daughter’s public elementary school CAREER DAY.  I get to share for 20 minutes with 5 different groups of 25 3rd-5th graders.  I created a PPT and taking some props, but wondering how I will compete in popularity with policeman or firefighters or someone with a cool costume 🙂
  • Managing my son’s team tonight…final game of regular season.  Going for perfect season of 15-0.  All-star practice begins June 15th…I got voted in as manager of the Seniors division team…so looking forward to that opportunity again.