Time for a little Monday morning recap…

  • We concluded our SPIRIT series yesterday at LCC.  I appreciate all the comments about how much everyone learned from this series.  What would God do through our church if all of us were living our lives filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit?  Are you yielding to his guidance on a daily basis?  If you missed any of the messages, I encourage you to bounce over to iTunes and download what you missed.
  • Yesterday’s crowd was great…4 brand-new first time families were with us yesterday.  I love it when God brings new families to our church.  As usual, 50% came from personal invitation and 50% came because of an internet search.  I’m looking forward to continuing to grow through the summer.  On the flip side yesterday was the last day for the Monteith family…although you were only with us for a year, we will miss you greatly.  Blessings as you move to Colorado.  We are losing a few more families next Sunday to military moves as well.  It happens every year 😦
  • We have several students graduating from high school this year.  Many were this past weekend and some yet to come.  ConGRADS to Josh Feehs, Connor Hickenbottom, Josh Holbrook, Brooke Angel, Cadeau Juraschek, and Jon Schmitz.
  • Fun family day at Kings Dominion.  The heat was a bit much, but we had a great time.  The water park was definitely the place to be.
  • 3 weeks until Jeff & Nicole Keeny are officially here.  We are working on getting the 3rd office prepared at our office space.  It’s going to be great to have that 3rd full-time staff member.  Thanks to Josh & David for their construction services.
  • I’m officially crossing over from being an Orioles baseball fan to being a Nationals fan.  With Strasburg and more goodness coming, I’m ready to move on from my childhood and cheer for the home team.