Another full weekend of activity…feeling tired on this Monday morning!

  • Sunday’s Father’s Day service was great.  Thanks Lil for providing the father’s day poem.  Thanks band for the great worship.  Hope all the dads enjoyed the service and were challenged by the message to do their duties as a dad according to Ephesians 6:4!
  • Crowd was a little down yesterday…obvious that school got out on Friday and lots of families had other plans…hope to see everyone back next week!
  • It was great to have my dad, my granddad, and my father-in-law all with us yesterday.  I am blessed with a great heritage and great example of what it means to be a godly father.
  • My wife and kids treated me well for father’s day with a 1-year subscription to XM for my car.  I had a trial offer that I really enjoyed, but it expired.  Then we got a 1 year half price offer…so that was a very cool father’s day gift!
  • Appreciate the Bell family donating 20 gourmet cakes for our youth mission trip fundraiser…awesome!
  • Begin praying now for our 26 teens and 6 adults going to North Carolina on a mission trip July 5-10.  We will be praying over the group during our service on Sunday, July 4th.
  • Had a busy family weekend starting on Friday – with end of school year awards ceremonies, all-star team practices, graduation parties, then Saturday at the Washington Nationals game, then Sunday afternoon family and friend birthday party for Zac’s 17th birthday…it was a packed weekend.
  • This heat has me looking forward to our family beach vacation in August…now only 7 weeks away 🙂
  • I’m also coaching the DTQ Senior All-star team again this year.  This will be my last hurrah coaching Zac.  We begin games this Saturday and looking forward to winning the district again and going to the state tournament in Virginia Beach later in July.
  • I’m looking forward to the next series at LCC – the MIRACLES of JESUS…begins this Sunday.