A great weekend…God is good!

  • Sunday morning service was great.  A little change up with Worship – the “Drake & Josh” show.  With a majority of the band on vacation, Josh did an all acoustic guitar set with he and Drake.  It was definitely a well-done change up to the norm.  I thoroughly enjoyed the kick-off to the ELIJAH series.  Donald is preaching next week on the story of Elijah vs. the Prophets of Baal…it will be great!
  • Great to see new faces throughout the summer.  Lots of regulars in and out because of vacations, but great to meet the new families moving into the area.  I’m looking forward to September when everyone is back!
  • Appreciate Sherri doing a great job in leading our outreach to the SERVE homeless shelter in Manassas on Saturday afternoon.  We had about 30 of our LCC family show up and serve a meal to the residents there.  We also did an excellent job of cleaning up their kitchen and totally organizing their food pantry.  We’ve got some awesome people…thanks for coming out!
  • Our LCC Softball team won the championship on Saturday as well.  The tournament games were tight, but we pulled it out 10-9 in the championship game.  Great job guys (and Debbie)!  I think our final record was something like 20-3 this season!
  • Personally, had a great visit with friends Darren & Tracy Wu from Lynchburg.  They are expecting their first child in 2 months and we were able to pass on some baby furniture…
  • Our baby turned 2 yesterday.  It’s hard to believe Nicholas is now 2 years old!  Wow…time is flying by.
  • It’s going to be a busy week…lots to do before family vacation.

Here is a picture after winning the softball tournament: